Dr. Castilla relates well to both parents and their children. Families work together without always stressing & arguing about college. Under his guidance, students thrive. 

As teenagers get ready to transition to college and young adulthood, they’re also going through an exciting journey of self-discovery. They want someone to lead, encourage, and challenge them so that they can succeed. It’s really important to find someone that your family trusts and feels comfortable with.

A renowned expert in college counseling and youth leadership development, Dr. Castilla brings a strong engagement and personal commitment to his work. He empowers teenagers & young adults and helps them learn important life skills which allow them to maximize their personal and academic potential, including:

  • Developing & expanding their intellectual curiosity

  • Gaining greater motivation & focus

  • Becoming more competitive 

  • Developing healthy attitudes in order to make better lifestyle choices

Dr. Alexander Castilla

Dr. Alexander Castilla

For Dr. Castilla, providing strong leadership & having the ability to listen are very important. As teens strive to become more independent, they often want someone besides their parents to help them get ready for college. Through his work, he has learned that teenagers appreciate someone besides their parents & teachers to help them keep focused, motivated, and on track. It’s difficult for parents to understand that their kids sometimes do not want to discuss all of their plans for college, applications, nor the subject matter of the essays they are writing. At the same time, he also understands that parents are busy and don't always want to "be a nudge" to their kids. 

There is a lot of unnecessary stress and fear about the college admissions process. Dr. Castilla has had the privilege to work with many different types of students.

  • Parents appreciate his ability to provide their children with the leadership and support that they need in order to succeed. 
  • Dr. Castilla helps families communicate better by transmitting each individual’s needs and expectations. Approachable and intuitive, he offers effective advice to both his students and their parents.
  • Parents and their kids can now live their own lives without always arguing about the college admission process. As a result, students are in a much better position to work towards getting accepted into a college that is an outstanding fit.

There are positive ways for parents to help their kids succeed. Under my guidance, families maintain a healthy peace of mind so that their children can focus on getting accepted into universities that are an outstanding fit.

Alex is able to create the dream, inspire, and show the bigger picture to teenagers and young adults. He is a superb motivator and his intensely personal touch is the difference maker.
— Leo, Columbia University
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Alex provided priceless help to our 2 kids. Both were accepted to 100% of the colleges they applied to and received over $90,000 in merit scholarships. A magnificent outcome which made a private US college education easier and possible for our family!
— Hanoch, Award Winning Artist & Educator (TED Talks)
Dr. Castilla worked with both my children, one of whom was applying as a Transfer Student after 2 years at a Community College and the other who was a High School Senior. He was very flexible, thoughtful & understanding and the entire experience was very beneficial to my children both personally and educationally. They were both accepted into their Top Choice schools which is the best return on investment that parents can ask for!
— Nora, MSW, Columbia University
I highly recommend Alex Castilla for his expertise, kindness and unfailing presence in accompanying my daughter and I throughout the university application process, a life experience which was new to both of us. As both a mother and an educator, I was truly inspired by his extreme professionalism and dedication.
— Theresa, McGill University
As an educator with over 20 years of teaching under my belt, it’s exciting to see a new generation of educational consultants doing things differently, and really doing it well. Dr. Castilla is one of these consultants and I highly recommend his services.
— Dr. Peter, Guggenheim Fellow
When I met Dr. Castilla, my son was struggling to stay focused and unmotivated. Since beginning their meetings, his attitude and grades have improved greatly. He’s always been smart and is now a Dean’s list student. I’m proud to say that he will begin his studies in International Affairs at American University. Thank you!
— Melissa, Playwright & Founder of the Columbia College Writer's Forum

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