The personal statement in any application is often the crucial differentiating factor. The more exclusive the college, the more weight the essay is given. A well written essay can make the difference between acceptance or rejection. - The New York Times

Applications have soared while admissions rates have plummeted. Meanwhile, admissions officers read more than 5,000 essays per year. They consider a lot more than just your grades and SAT/ACT scores. Admissions officers also rely on personal essays to decide who gets accepted since they have to choose between thousands of equally qualified applicants with highly competitive grades and test scores. While most students have an idea about what to write, they often don't know how to approach a college essay or even where to begin. This poses a unique challenge. 

As a published writer, Dr. Castilla understands that it is essential for students to express their authentic voice and convey who they are. To connect with any reader, authenticity is critical, as is communicating in an aspirational manner. Under his guidance, students develop their writing skills in order to showcase their talents, abilities and aspirations in a genuine way. They learn how to write original, persuasive and memorable essays that are read enthusiastically by admissions officers. 

Always the student’s best advocate, Alex helped them hone their applications, and especially their college essays. He had an excellent rapport with his students and it was therefore no surprise, when as a whole, they received a great set of offers in very competitive universities.
— Joe S., High School Principal, International Baccaulaureate