I knew that I wanted to study International Relations, I just didn’t know where to look. Dr. Castilla gave valuable advice on how to stand out in a pool of thousands of applicants. Thanks to his counsel, I was able to attend a top-10 program with a generous scholarship. Michael, American University 

Incredibly helpful, Alexander's coaching was beneficial and irreplaceable. I am honored to have worked with him. Emily, NCAA Athlete, Columbia College

Simply put, without Dr. Castilla’s help, I wouldn’t have gotten in! His advice was crucial throughout the entire application process. David, MSc, MIT

Dear Alex, I have heard back from colleges, and I have decided to go to Brown. Again, thank you so much for helping me during the college process! Emma, Brown University

Nearly every university offered Maxine between 15k and 20k in scholarships. She has a lot of choices and your help had a big part in getting us here! Ross, Washington University, St. Louis

As a result of your guidance, I was admitted into selective universities in Honors College programs and offered $80,000 in merit scholarship funds. Thanks! Andy, McGill University

Diana’s dream was to take on post graduate work in the US. This was one of the happiest periods in her life and would not have been possible without your dedication and work. Alfred, New York University

Alex is an expert in college counseling who continuously provides winning advice for students and families around the world. Yu, PhD, Columbia University

Alex was a real blessing when I applied to law school. He's truly versed in many disciplines and has a great deal of knowledge about college admissions. David, J.D., Berkeley

Dr. Castilla enables students to distinguish themselves from the thousands of college applicants in today's extremely competitive university admissions process. Tanya, US Peace Corps

Alex did a great job and his experience and professionalism will help any student who wishes to study in an American university. I owe it to him! Barbara, New York University

Dr. Castilla’s skills in international education and knowledge about US universities were key in helping me prepare as an international student in graphic design. Mark, Pratt Institute

Alex was a source of great advice and support. I’m happy to say that our daughter will begin her studies at Wellesley! Dr. Anuradha, Wellesley

I heard back from some of the law schools and got into: Emory (with scholarship), Washington U (with scholarship), and USC. Thanks again for all of your help! Ashley, J.D., Northwestern

Alex provided me with invaluable guidance which has opened many doors. His meticulous and professional approach to his craft has made a positive impact on my life. Joseph, Columbia College

His ambitious attitude drives students who are struggling to balance the rigors of International Baccalaureate schoolwork and college applications. Thanks, Mr.Castilla. Mirella Schnaidman, New York University

Once she started working with him, her level of confidence increased and she gained more clarity about what she wanted. That makes a world of difference! Mauro, CEO of Jafra Cosmetics

Patient, hard working, and inspiring; these are some of Alex's most poignant traits which make him an excellent college counselor. Patricia, The University of Warwick (England)

Ana has finally been accepted into three US (all of them top-10 in engineering) and four UK schools. Thank you, Alexander! Javier, Imperial College (England)

It was always clear to me that I would go to New York to pursue a Masters degree. His approach was truly like a fresh breath of air and I reached my objective. Mark, Writer for Opera Actual

Alex motivates his students and brings out their best. He helped me successfully gain a post-doctoral research grant at the University of London. Dr. Cristina, Warburg Fellow, the University of London

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