Comprehensive Guidance on College Essays 

In addition to grades, standardized test scores and coursework, the most important factor of the college application is the college essay. According to the College Board, a well-written essay is of considerable importance in determining which student gets accepted into a university because essays reflect a student's personality and intellectual abilities.

College admissions officers and committees want to learn something about you that they cannot learn elsewhere in the application. A well-written essay is essential for them to get a clear idea of a student’s goals, accomplishments, and character. Through reading your essay, they will be in a better position to determine if you will be able to make a valuable contribution to the university.

As a published writer, university professor and Ivy League graduate (Masters and PhD), Dr. Castilla guides students on the preparation of college applications, including discussion, review, and critique of essays. Through an ongoing process, he will assist you as you write your essays by making detailed suggestions for content, structure, style, tone, diction, and grammar until they are ready for submission.